Parents and students FAQs: 15 July 2020

Thank you to all parents and students who joined the year group meetings last night online. There were 236 families who were able to take part in the virtual get togethers.

The FAQ below were bought together from the five meetings we ran. They are in no particular order. We have also responded privately to some families where the question was either not Covid-related or was a personal query.

  1. Will the new year 10 be set schoolwork from the 7th September?
    All year groups will be having lessons from the day they begin their phased return.
    Year 10, 11, 12, and 13 will be set homework from the first week back.


  1. Where do Future students go on the first day?
    Futures students will all go to the Futures building but must come in at the same time as their year group at Wykham. We are going to ask Futures students to walk down the Wykham Place side of Ruskin Road and Wykham Park students to walk down the Stanbridge House side of Ruskin Road.


  1. Will there be any after school clubs?
    We are going to monitor what happens over the first two weeks of term to see what will be feasible to do after school. We would like to be able to open up extracurricular clubs if it is safe to do so.


  1. How will Futures students be paying for meals (currently in cash)?
    We are working with the catering providers to find a solution but, just as we still do as consumers in shops, we might find that cash will still be the payment method.


  1. There were a number of questions related to the wearing of face masks which was completely understandable following the announcement by the Government earlier in the day about mandatory use in shops.
    Currently government guidance is that face coverings/masks are not a requirement in schools. We will update you if there is any change in this over the summer.


  1. Will we have to pre order lunch?
    This is something we are working with the catering company on.


  1. How about the toilets, how will you navigate it?
    We have enough toilets that each year group will have specific toilets designated just for them


  1. There were several questions related to the staggered start
    Our experience with the Year 10s and Year 12s is that students have been excellent at arriving at school in the small window of time we have given them. We anticipate that this will be the same for all students. It might be an idea to practice the walk/cycle to school during the summer break to find out exactly how long it will take. We will be asking Futures students to stay on one side of Ruskin Road and Wykham Park students on the other side. We are asking that children do not walk to school with others from different year groups.


  1. Will we get a list of all the GCSE textbooks needed for Year 10?
    All of the revision guides needed for the GCSE courses will soon be available on the School Gateway app. We suggest that you order these in September as soon as possible.


  1. As children will be in different bubbles in school to home is this taken into account?
    Government guidance is that schools should keep students in their year group bubbles where possible during the school day whilst on our site. Our Covid-secure measures will ensure that this happens every day whilst the children are with us.


  1. Will we have the same timetables?
    All students will follow the timetable and curriculum that would have been in place if we were not in the middle of this pandemic. Timetables will be given to students on their first day in school in the w/b 7th September. We would suggest that all children bring their PE kit on their first day with us.


  1. Where will the new year 9 be; which corridor?
    The corridors/blocks for the year groups are
    Year 7                      Humanities
    Year 8                      English
    Year 9                      Maths
    Year 10                    Science
    Year 11                    MFL and PE1
    Year 12/13 All at Wykham Park and in sixth form block and corridor that leads off the buttery.


  1. What is happening with the children who get a taxi to school?
    The children who get a taxi to school should gather in reception as they did last year. They will be picked up from inside the school gates.


  1. There have been reports of children not wearing blazers and ties due the coronavirus, does this apply to Wykham Park?
    All of all students will be wearing full school uniform from the 7th September and our staff normal professional dress.


  1. There were several questions about reports
    Reports will be going home to parents in September. Please be aware that they will not follow a normal format due to the amount of time that we have not been in school.


  1. Are future trips, e.g. ski trip, still going ahead?
    At the moment the government guidelines state that trips involving overnight stays should not take place. If the guidance changes we will let parents know. With regard specifically to the Iceland trip, Mr Chilton will write to families on Thursday 16th July.


  1. How many children will be in a class together?
    Government guidelines state that we can have classes as normal as long as students are kept within their year group bubbles.


  1. Will there be lockers this year?
    Whilst we are in year groups with Covid secure measures in place there will be no lockers available.


  1. Will the mentors remain the same this year?
    Some groups will retain their mentors others will have different members of staff.


  1. Will students be able to cycle to school?
    Yes students will be able to cycle to school and will be asked to park their bikes in a specific bike rack when they get here on their first day.


  1. Will the field and the astro turf be closed down. And if so does this mean we will only be restricted to the plaza?
    Each year group will have a zone. The plaza will be free of students due to the need to move to the dining areas. Students will be shown their outdoor zones on their first day in school in the w/b 7th September.


  1. When you say a phased return, will the year groups be going back on just the one day or is it for the rest of the week?
    Once students have come in for their first day back they are then in for the rest of the week
    e.g. Year 7 and Year 12 will be in for all 5 days, Y11 will be in for Wed, Thurs and Fri.


  1. Will there be mentor groups at the start of the day, but just within their bubbles?
    Yes there will be mentor time at the start of each day.


  1. What are the rules on signs of illness? E.g. if a child has a sore throat, or generally feeling under the weather, would they have to remain at home?
    If you child has the obvious symptoms of Covid we would urge you to get them a test and to keep them at home until the results of the test come back. You should notify us that you are doing so and then we can react quickly if the test comes back positive.


  1. Will there be practical science lessons?
    Only for year groups preparing for examinations in the first instance.