To help you prepare for starting science at secondary school next year we would like you to do this Science Task

Please check out our transition assignment to create a wallpaper design using your own tessellation shapes – it’s fun to do! We look forward to seeing your designs. Maths Task

When you start English at Wykham Park, we will be studying Greek myths. We do this because it is the basis of many stories and novels through time and so important culturally. They are also really good stories in their own right! We would like you to prepare by trying to complete our task on the 12 Labours of Heracles/Hercules and then consider your own most important challenge. English Task

You are going to complete a project about the West End musical ‘The Wind in The Willows’. You have a choice over the specialism you pick. You can either complete work as a ‘performer’ or a ‘designer’. Drama Task

In this booklet, you will learn about the elements and principles of art and also practise using them by completing practical tasks. Art Task

Create a band & compose a song at home. Music Task

Modern Foreign Languages
Here’s a little research project to see what you can find out about Spain and Latin America. Spanish Task

Design and Food Technology
In preparation for joining us in September we would love for you to start a few activities to get you ready. Design and Food Technology Task

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In this session we will learn how to manage changes through Wellbeing… In this session we will learn how to manage changes through Wellbeing and…


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