Learning from Home

We will be publishing information here for students if and when they have to do online learning from home due to the coronavirus crisis.

Online Learning Form
In the event of a partial or complete lockdown, we would like to know what access students have to the internet and appropriate devices to work on.

Many of you will have completed the online learning form on School Gateway. If you do not have access to School Gateway, the form is available here: https://forms.gle/o1jbFUt7ZuyQghpm7

Online learning plan


  • To ensure consistency of approach to learning for pupils who are not in school
  • To set out clear expectations for staff and students with regards to online learning

Teaching and learning

  • In the event of a partial or full lockdown, we will follow the school timetable, teaching the planned curriculum including mentor time.
  • For any students without access to WIFI or a suitable device, booklets which follow the planned curriculum will be provided.
  • All lessons will follow our school learning structure: lessons will begin with a recap to retain, the learning question will then be shared with students before moving onto guided practice where students work together and with the teacher. Students then complete independent practice, applying their learning for at least 25 mins and the lesson ends with a reflect and review, which will revisit the learning question.
  • All lessons will continue to have high standards of challenge, with teachers supporting students where necessary.
  • Teachers must be explicit in how they model new material and learning to students.
  • Questioning of students is an integral part of learning and should still continue in online learning. This will be done either through the ‘chat’ function or through breakout rooms to allow students to have discussion time.
  • In principle, we will continue with the assessment calendar and assessments (including bi-weeklies, tri-weeklies, end of term assessments and APs) will take place online. However, additional consideration may be given to year 11 and 13 where mock exams may be rescheduled.
  • Students will receive feedback based on department marking policies.

Roles and responsibilities


  • Lessons will be conducted live on Google Meet through Google Classroom and will be recorded and uploaded for students who cannot access the lesson live. Independent practice will be completed offline, so that staff and students have a break from the screen. Teachers should still be available during the independent practice and should log back onto the google meet for the reflect and review. In order for students to complete the independent practice, lessons need to be posted as assignments.
  • In the event of individual students self-isolating, they will be able to access the ppts for their lessons, which are all being uploaded to google classroom.
  • Teachers will ensure that all students have the google classroom code and have followed this up with parents if they do not join the classroom.
  • Feedback will be given to students as per department marking policies in terms of how and how frequent.
  • When a whole year group is out, teachers should update the engagement sheets weekly, showing whether students have attended their lessons, completed work and the effort which has been put into this.

Curriculum leaders:

  • curriculum leaders will ensure their curriculum is suitable and accessible for students
  • will ensure booklets are planned for all year groups and topics.
  • will ensure their teams set appropriate work for all classes
  • will ensure that appropriate resources are shared with their teams
  • will check that work is being posted on the google classroom in their teams.


  • will coordinate the approach to online learning
  • will monitor the effectiveness of online learning through review of lessons, work submitted and regular meetings with curriculum leaders

Pupils and parents:

  • Staff should expect pupils to:
    • Attend their lessons on time
    • to complete work set by the deadline
    • to ask for help if they need it
  • Staff should expect parents to:
    • Make the school aware if their child is sick or cannot complete work
    • Contact the school if their child needs help with their work

Attendance and Engagement

  • Members of the admin team will monitor the engagement sheet, led by heads of year. If a student fails to engage with the work set, admin will call home in the first instance. This will then pass through the college system, with mentors, coordinators and heads of year if there is no improvement in engagement.



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