Hannah WilsonYear 12 students enjoyed a thoughtful and empowering talk from our visiting speaker, Hannah Wilson from the Speakers for Schools initiative. She is a dynamic leader who is a passionate diversity, inclusion and equality advocate; an ethical leader who is vision and values-led. Hannah strives to model integrity as a leader and is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse and flexible education.

She presented to the students her career path and how 21st Century skills have been useful to her.

Hannah Wilson

Hannah also set the students a challenge for our Education project in AED (Aspirations Employability Diploma). Four students have taken up the challenge.

Hanifah, Maria, Safreen and Zara explain their challenge:

DE GIF primary logo“For our project, we’ve been working closely with Diverse Educators, a company that focuses on increasing diversity in education and increasing representation through the curriculum, staff etc. Their vision is to make sure that “Everyone is celebrated in every classroom in every school.” For this particular project we were assigned to help them make resources to educate students like us, on International Women’s Day and what it stands for, as well as the issues facing girls around the world. As a group of women the majority of whom belong to an ethnic minority, we find diversity and the lack of it to be an overwhelmingly large issue that needs to be discussed more and so we chose this project as it was something that we felt directly impacted us as a diverse group.

We’ve had the incredible opportunity to work under the guidance of the Director and Co-Founder of Diverse Educators, Hannah Wilson. She was also kind enough to let us work with her professional graphic designer to create posters that will be distributed across schools. She also helped us with other elements within our project by offering us advice on every part of the process. At the moment everything is still a work in progress so the next steps for our project include the following; creating a social media campaign, collaborating with a team of Ambassadors for DiverseEd from a school in Devon, designing a poster and a presentation that will be distributed by Diverse Educators to schools around the area. We are optimistically hoping to finish by the winter break, should everything go to plan. We are looking forward to completing this project with support from our Employability teachers.”

DE Hero image illustration

Web: diverseeducators.co.uk

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