Business BTEC Level 3 Edexcel

Course entry requirements: English Language at Grade 5 or above

OVERVIEW OF COURSE: BTEC Business  allows students to:

  • Develop skills, knowledge and understanding in business
  • Have an opportunity to apply learning in a practical and realistic way
  • Follow a programme of study which enables progression to both higher education and employment within business
  • Develop personal, learning and thinking skills, which are highly valued by employers and universities

The course is taught through individual and group presentations by students as well as class notes and assignments. Video materials and News articles are used as the basis of discussion and the emphasis is always on the practical application of theory. Students are encouraged to challenge the content of what they read and offer their opinions. 


Unit 1: Exploring Business:  This unit examines the key ingredients for business success, how businesses are organised, how they communicate, the characteristics of the environment in which they operate, and how this shapes them and their activities. 

Unit 2: Developing a Marketing Campaign. Students will gain an understanding of how a marketing campaign is developed in order to develop their own campaign for a given product/service

Unit 3: Personal and Business Finance.  This unit allows students to develop an understanding of why money is important and how managing your money can help prevent future financial difficulties. Students will be  introduced to accounting terminology, the purpose and importance of business accounts and the different sources of finance available to businesses.

Unit 4: Recruitment and Selection.  Students will learn that successful recruitment is key to maintaining the success of a business, as people are often considered to be the most valued resource. They will explore the various selection tools and the enhanced use of technology in this area.

On completion of this course students will have developed transferable knowledge and skills that prepare them for progression to university and employment.

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