Academic year 2023-2024

What we will be studying

Paper 1 – Tests ability to program as well as knowledge such as writing algorithms, data structures, problem solving. This paper also features 2 sections based on a case study that you will have already seen (the skeleton program) – 2 hours 30 minutes online exam, 40% of the total marks

Paper 2 – Tests ability to answer questions on data representation, computer systems, organisation and architecture, networks, databases (SQL), Big Data and functional programming – 2 hours 30 minutes written exam, 40% of the total marks

Non-Examined Assessment – Students will plan, design and test a system. This could be an appointments system, an environmental simulation, a website with dynamically changing content or an app for a mobile device. You are required to create a written report and are expected to follow a systematic approach to problem solving. The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to use the knowledge and skills gained through the course to solve or investigate a practical problem – 75 marks, 20% of the total marks

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Information for subjects currently being studied by our students for the academic year 2021-22. Please follow the links for each individual subject.  


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