Covid restrictions currently in place: 
Food will be purchased with cash at break and lunch (students will be asked to go into the canteens in year group bubbles). We ask that you send students with the correct change as often as you can.

Download the menus for June – July  2021 here

Wykham Park Lunch Menu WEEK 1: w/b Monday 7th June, 28th June, 19 July

Wykham Park Lunch Menu WEEK 2: w/b Monday 14th June, 5th July

Wykham Park Lunch Menu WEEK 3: w/b Monday 21st June, 12th July

When restrictions are lifted, please use the School Gateway app to order and pay for school meals. How to download the app

Vouchers to families for FSM
We are now in a position to provide vouchers to families for FSM using the national scheme which is being rolled out again by the government. We will have so few children on site (2 maximum on any one day) who we therefore need to provide food for (families cannot have a voucher and a meal at school) that we have decided that we will need to close the kitchen as it is no longer financially viable to remain open.  All children who attend school will therefore need to bring a packed lunch until Friday 12th March 2021 when catering will resume.

If you have any queries about this please direct to Mrs Jacs Vigne (

Apply for Free School Meals

Free School Meals Letter and Application Form

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