Life in Banbury Aspirations Campus Sixth Form

The Leadership, Engagement and Guidance Programme

Mentor time

All students are part of a mentor group, where students will build relationships with other students across the sixth form and involve themselves in a variety of activities such as discussions and debates. Mentor time is where the students will receive important information, receive support with applications and in addition receive pastoral support from their mentor, alongside the PSHE programme.

Our community

All students contribute to the Banbury Aspirations Campus community and wider community in two ways: through engaging in a committee and taking on a leadership role. Students engage with the pupils in the lower school through supporting in KS3 and KS4 lessons and running extracurricular clubs. There are also opportunities for a wider impact on the community through assisting with our feeder primary schools.


Committees run every term, where students are able to develop a variety of skills that are necessary for applications to universities, apprenticeships and further education. The committees that we offer are:

  • The student council who discuss areas for improvement around the sixth form and who form ideas on how to make the most out of the sixth form areas and experience.
  • The social committee: who run social events for the sixth form and lower school and are also involved with organising the year 13 prom.
  • The marketing committee: who develop ideas on how to promote our campus to the lower school and the wider community.
  • The charity committee: who raise funds for a variety of charities.

Principal Students

Each year we elect Principal Students to work with staff and students to represent the student population.

This programme gives the students the opportunity to develop their leadership and team working skills. These are important skills needed in their future endeavours. We are very proud to have donated to several charities over the years and have successfully run a number of events/support for younger students within our community.


In 2018, Banbury Aspirations Campus Sixth Form started a volunteering in the community week. It has been such a rewarding experience for the students. To date the students have worked with local schools, parks, allotments and took on a large community project that involved clearing the educational gardens at People’s Park.

Skill Development

The sixth form also has the chance to further develop their skills through the various opportunities that we offer and encourage students to take on. We offer events and experiences such as The DofE award, Camps International Expeditions and NASA trips (see NASA 2020).

Where next

NASA 2020

NASA trip of a lifetime February 2020: Four sixth form students accompanied by Mr Sterland, had a wonderful trip and experienced what it is like…

NASA 2020

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