For students on the Futures Institute Year 9 Pathway ONLY

Academic year 2022-23



TERM 1 – A job on Mars
This project models the job application process with the context of applying for a job on Mars. What job could you do on Mars? In order to apply for a job a candidate needs to know their own skills, the skill requirement of the role and to understand the company they are applying to. In our model we find out about the company/industry by researching Mars exploration. We look at researching jobs by looking at the roles NASA have identified. Each student will select a Mars job role that interests them and work towards being able to apply for that role. The ultimate aim or product of this project is a CV. In the Real World aspect of the project we research industries like the NHS, Engineering, and Games industry using tools from Indeed, Barclays and BBC bitesize. Students will be introduced to psychometric testing and explore their own interests and personalities using tools from employers like Nat West, NHS and Barclays

TERM 2 – The Game
In this project students align themselves in groups based on industries that interest them. The aim of the project is to produce a board game based on a particular industry. The students are introduced to the Skillsbuilder skills that reflect the ‘soft’ skills of interest to employers. The particular skills developed in this project are creativity and teamwork. Students are introduced to the design and manufacturing process. They are taught specific skills such as the use of GANTT charts in project management and rules development in game design.The final product is a playable boxed game with meeples and rules. Students rate each other’s games. They also get to judge the Rutherford Appleton Lab – Diamond light game

TERM 3. Problems at sea
The development of ship design is dependent on different materials. Using the America’s cup as the focus and INEOS science and materials resources, students  pull together a research presentation on the use of different materials in ship building. Practicals to be completed on testing materials from materials used for hulls to materials used for clothing. The project culminates with a visit to the Mary Rose. This trip focuses on details of the history of the sinking of the Mary Rose including the view from Southsea castle that figures in the visual record of the event. The trip includes a workshop on historical sources and a practical task on stability and the sinking of the Mary Rose. We also have the opportunity to make real life comparisons of the Mary Rose to more modern ships including the Victory and the QE aircraft carrier.The product for this project is a presentation of research findings in pairs.

TERM 4-6
Further projects will be run in the Health, Construction and Automotive industries. We continue to pair with local employers and work to develop students 21st Century skills. Our Automotive project is linked to local F1 company HAAS and the students will be encouraged to complete documentation to apply for CREST awards.

Teacher of subject: Cat Pickup

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Teacher of subject: Cat Pickup

CREST Awards
CREST is the British Science Association’s scheme for STEM project work that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.

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