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Academic year 2022-23

What are we studying?

Year 7
Students will not study Design Technology in Year 7

Year 8
Design Technology (Rotation)
In Year 8 it is important for the students to realise the subject is a multi-skilled and a multi-material subject. This term we introduce them to design and manufacture of an Automaton. Using both Wood and Acrylic we introduce them to the associated skills and appropriate machinery to enable them to build on their skill base. Problem solving is also an important skill which together with marking out and measuring forms the backbone of their projects this term

Year 9
Design Technology (Rotation)
We will revisit woodworking skills but with the emphasis on good design and craftsmanship. Students will be exposed to CAD in both 2D and 3D whereby they will be taught to design a model aircraft, to which they will then product a replica of the model in the workshop. This exposes students to the modern technology required to work in various job roles upon leaving school and entering the world of work. 


Teacher of Design Technology: Alan Collins


  • Analysis
  • Specification
  • Prototype
  • Iterative design
  • Development
  • Evaluation
  • Function
  • Aesthetics
  • Sustainability

Everything you need to be successful in Design Technology:

  • Be able to analyse a brief and from that write a design specification
  • Be creative and solve problems through design work – and accept failure as part of this.
  • Identify where developments in designs and prototypes can be made
  • Make products to a high standard of finish
  • Accept failure: it is an essential part of learning.


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