Our vision is for an authentic education for the 21st century for the students in our academy. We
want all students to achieve high levels of success, whilst at the same time equipping them with the
knowledge and skills required to play an active and successful role in today’s highly competitive,
fast-changing world.

As well as knowledge, students need to develop their ability and skills to apply and repurpose
knowledge in order to survive in a rapidly changing world. In applying knowledge to real-world
contexts and allowing young learners to take the lead in using this knowledge to find solutions and
answers, learning is deepened.

The ATL curriculum emphasises the learner’s critical role in constructing meaning from knowledge
and prior experience, it also allows for the development of the essential Power skills. We promote
the development of learner autonomy and Independence.


The aims of ATL curriculum are:

1. The acquisition of the Power Skills to translate knowledge into actions for success.

2. Development of knowledge: Progress in knowing more and remembering more. The future
requires the acquisition and application of a wide range of knowledge.

3. The ability to apply knowledge: Progress in knowledge being applied in more challenging, relevant
and more engaging ways.

The Power Skills



  • Working interdependently as a team
  • Interpersonal and team-related skills
  • Social, emotional and intercultural skills
  • Managing team dynamics and challenges


  • Coherent communication using a range of communication modes
  • Communication designed for particular audiences
  • Reflection on and use of the process of learning to further develop and improve communication

Learning to Learn

  • Resilience
  • Productivity and Accountability
  • Grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience
  • Self-regulation and responsibility for learning
  • Learning to deep learn

Critical thinking and Complex Problem Solving

  • Making connections and identifying patterns
  • Meaningful Knowledge Construction
  • Evaluating Information and Arguments
  • Experimenting, reflecting and taking action on their ideas in the real world
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