Economics – A-Level AQA

Course entry requirements

English Language at Grade 5 or above


The global economic crisis of recent years has brought sharply into focus just how dependent the people of the world are on each other for resources and trade. Economics helps us to answer big questions like who will the global superpowers be in 20 years’ time, what industries will fail or thrive and what Government’s need to do to secure their country’s position in the global economy. Economics studies the problem of scarce resources alongside the unlimited desires of humans and society. It examines this problem from two perspectives.

Firstly, it looks at how markets work to set prices and how economies deal with failures of the market mechanism.

Secondly the course looks at the wider economic problems faced by government such as achieving economic growth and managing inflation. The course ends with a unit that brings both of these areas of economics together for a study of applied economics looking at specific economic problems.


Paper 1 : Microeconomics. This unit examines the role of markets in allocating resources, the factors that determine how firms behave, the labour market and behavioural economics.

Paper 2: Macroeconomics. Macroeconomics looks at the economy as a whole, students will study global economic issues, economic policy objectives and the financial sector.

Paper 3: Synoptic Paper. This paper allows students to apply the concepts and techniques they have learnt to a range of ‘real world’ issues

Students are assessed at the end of Year 2 via three 2 hour exams


As a respected academic subject, having an A-Level in Economics means that whatever students decide to do in the future, employers or universities will see that they have a range of important skills learnt through the subject.

The subject is highly valued by universities and employers because it requires the student to develop a high level of critical thinking and analytical skills. Possible career choices A-Level Economics can offer you include accountancy, stockbroker, banker and online financial and business-related careers. A-Level economics can lead you to a range of degree courses and employment opportunities.

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