Our Rewards And Behaviour Management Policy

Co-ordinator: Ms Justine Williams, Senior Assistant Principal

On the Banbury Aspirations Campus we believe that it is only human to make mistakes and that growing up is a journey where an individual learns the rules, norms and expectations of their school community and their society as a whole. Mistakes are an inevitable part of that learning process.

This policy is built on the premise that human beings respond more positively to rewards than to punishment. However, we acknowledge that when mistakes are repeated, or severe, and result in a disruption to learning or a breach of Health and Safety, the individual(s) who made the wrong choices should be dealt with appropriately using a sanction relevant to the misdemeanour.


People learn most effectively when they feel safe and secure. It is essential therefore that we all work together to ensure that everyone on our campus knows what we expect from all members of our school community and that everyone strives to meet these expectations.


  • To foster a culture in which praise and rewards are used widely across the campus
  • To recognise and reward positive behaviour and endeavour that supports learning both in and out of school
  • To provide a clear system of rewards and consequences that is valued by all members of the campus community
  • To encourage and educate students to understand and accept that they are responsible, and accountable, for their own behaviours
  • To ensure that learning can occur in a calm and purposeful environment where students feel safe
  • To ensure that appropriate rewards and consequences are applied consistently and that systems are adhered to by all adults so that expectations are clear to all students
  • To involve parents and carers in supporting their child(ren) to make the appropriate choices and take responsibility for their actions


  • Positive behaviour should always be recognised and rewarded
  • Behaviours which disrupt the learning of others, or places others at risk of harm, is always unacceptable and must be challenged
  • All adults on the campus are responsible for helping students to understand our expectations in terms of their behaviour by modelling positive and respectful behaviours themselves at all times
  • Students and their parents/carers must understand that all students have the right to learn in a calm and safe environment

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