The Animal Care BTEC is a two-year course which involves acquiring the knowledge and skills relevant to the ever-expanding animal care sector. Students will study animal health, animal handling, animal welfare and the principles of animal behaviour. Animal Care students are interested in careers in veterinary care, farming and agriculture and animal welfare.

During the course students will…

  • Learn the basic principles needed to enable them to pursue a career in the animal care sector
  • Identify and understand the needs of a wide range of animals
  • Handle a range of animals safely in different contexts and for different needs, including in a commercial setting
  • Identify and explore a range of animal behaviours in different contexts
  • Explore a range of animal welfare needs and identify solutions for these needs in varying contexts


Components covered in Year 10:

Term 1: Component 1 Delivery
Learners will first be introduced to the underlying principles of how animals behave under normal circumstances, and what abnormal behaviours look like in practice for different animal species. This will help them when it comes to gaining practical experience with handling animals for different reasons. Learners will then move on to hands-on practical development of skills for safely catching, handling and restraining a range of animal species, bearing in mind the need to carefully manage animal welfare at all times.

Term 2: Component 1 Assessment
Learners will undergo the Pearson Set Assignment for component 1 under exam conditions.
The Assessment for this component will comprise of three tasks:
– Normal and abnormal behaviours
– Theory of handling and restraint
– Practical demonstration of handling of a range of animals.

Term 3: Component 2 Delivery
In this component, learners will develop practical skills by preparing animal accommodation for use, checking the accommodation and cleaning it out effectively. This includes learning how to clean different types of feeding and watering equipment, as well as a range of different types of housing and enrichment.

Components covered in Year 11:

Term 1: Component 2 Assessment
Learners will undergo the Pearson Set Assignment for component 2 under exam conditions. The Assessment for this component will comprise of three tasks:
– Requirements surrounding animal accommodations
– Practical demonstration of preparing animal accommodations
– Practical demonstration of cleaning animal accommodations
– A review of the accommodation and cleaning requirements for two animals.

Term 2: Component 3 Delivery
This component is synoptic and makes many links with the content delivered in components 1 and 2. This component builds on the concepts of how animals behave and how welfare needs can be maintained and promoted through handling and accommodating animals. It provides learners with knowledge and understanding of good and poor animal health, common diseases that can affect animals, the legal and moral responsibilities of caring for animals both by individuals and in society.

Term 3: Component 3 Assessment
Component 3 is externally assessed, so this term will focus on building exam skills in preparation for the assessment.


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