For students on the Futures Institute Year 9 Pathway ONLY

Academic year 2021-22



TERM 1: Move – a design process with the V&A
In the first Core Project, Year 9 students learn about the design process from a program from the Victoria and Albert design museum. This year’s project combined design and concern for mental health with a competition to come up with ideas to get people to Move!

TERM 2: Flight
With links to the RAF STEM ambassadors at BAD Kineton students enter the annual glider challenge hosted at RAF museum. They follow lessons provided by the RAF. They  work in teams, collaborating to create a product that flies and also learning to present and pitch their design to others. Project-based learning allows the students to combine elements of learning from different subjects. During the competition we host visiting engineers. The students all enter for the Crest Discovery award. We also host a visit from Collins aerospace apprentices.

Term 3: Zero days
It is important to be able to keep our school open so that we can maximise our learning time. In order to do this we have to take individual responsibility for our behaviour around hygiene. School is our ‘team’ and we all want to cross the finishing line together. Within the INEOS sports teams they use the concept of; TIME x EFFORT = PERFORMANCE. As a school we want to apply the same philosophy because if even one person carries the virus into school the virus has a chance to spread and our school becomes at risk of losing teaching and learning time. Hygiene and injury prevention is a top priority for the INEOS sports teams to ensure the athletes lose no training time or competition days to sickness. They do this by focusing on three key behaviours which they apply every day: Prepare, Protect and Control. Prepare by boosting athlete immunity, identifying, and eliminating threats in a physical space. Protect by stopping transmission and understanding how to maintain the highest hygiene standard in a space. Then Control by monitoring health and reporting illness immediately to stop transmission and regulating the use of space. We as a school team and community can apply the same expert knowledge from INEOS sports teams to support us  in our daily lives in the fight against the spread of the virus and learning days lost. The product of this project is a design suggestion to “learn to live with Covid 19”

YEAR 9 Term 4-6
The final projects of the year will be exploring energy, recycling and food.

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Teacher of subject: Cat Pickup

CREST Awards
CREST is the British Science Association’s scheme for STEM project work that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.

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For students on the Futures Institute Year 9 Pathway ONLY Academic year 2021-22 WHAT ARE WE STUDYING? YEAR 9 TERM 1: Move – a design…

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